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Music is something that ties people together around the world. If you traveled to India or Austria, Egypt or Mexico, you would find people listening to and creating music.

But like food for the the ears, each culture seems to have its own favorite flavors and tastes in music. What is a mariachi band? What is a snake charmer? Who invented rock and roll? In this area of Camp, you can explore the Greatest Hits in music history and what tops the charts in different cultures.

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Maker Activity


Turn it up! Cell Phone Speaker
You can pump up the jams with this maker activity! See how you can make a simple speaker for your phone in this project.


  • Paper towel tube
  • 2 paper cups
  • Scissors or a box cutter (with a grown-up's help)
  • Pencil
  • Phone


Hold your phone on the middle of the paper towel tube and trace the bottom of your phone with a pencil. Now cut out the rectangle so your phone can fit in the hole.


Next hold one end of the paper towel tube against one of the paper cups and trace around the tube. Cut out the hole so the tube can fit into the cup. Repeat this step for the other cup. Fit both cups over the ends of the paper towel tube. Now turn on some tunes and slide your phone into the hole you cut in the middle of the tube. It's dance party time!



What happens when you point the cups in other directions? If you take the cups off, how does it affect the sound?

Why does that happen?

The tube directs the sound out of the phone and into the cup. The cup creates a smaller angle for the sound waves to travel through than what it would be coming directly from the phone speaker. This smaller angle redirects the sound waves to point them in the same direction, so that we hear more of them together. This bundle of sound waves makes the volume louder to our ears.

Still Wondering?

Try using different sized cups to see how that affects the sound. Could you use a toilet paper roll and it work the same?