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Come join the sound crew, Campers! A cappella music can be created with just the human voice, but if we want pop, rock, soul, r&b, country, bluegrass, or just about any other type of music, we are going to need musical instruments!

What is the evolution of instruments? How are instruments made? What is the hardest instrument to play? The Wonders in Sound Check will bring music to your ears!

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Get Strummin' on a Rubber Band Guitar!

Warm up those fingers! You'll want to pick a tune and pluck out a song on this easy-to-make instrument!


  • Cardboard box
  • Rubber bands
  • A tuner (optional)


Take a tissue box (or another small to medium sized box) with an opening in the middle (you made need to cut the flaps off to make this easier). Stretch several different rubber bands around the box, making sure they don't touch each other.


Make sure to use rubber bands with different thicknesses and try angling the bands to see how that affects the sound. Pluck the rubber bands to hear how the notes sound different from one another!


How does moving the rubber band or using different thickness sizes affect the sound?

Why does that happen?

When you pluck the rubber bands, the vibration emits sound waves at a certain pitch. The openness of the box helps the sound reverberate as well as provide a way for the rubber band to vibrate without hitting something else.

Still Wondering?
Try using different colored bands to make it easier to remember the difference. Grab a tuner or download a free guitar tuner app to see if you can figure out what notes your Rubber Band Guitar can play!


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Ages 18 and up

These reading lists were provided by Lincoln Heritage Public Library in Dale, Indiana.