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The Wonder Wall is a virtual bulletin board for Camp. Here’s where you can post your photos, videos, and thoughts about your Camp activities. Stop by to check out what’s going on around the Wonder Campgrounds!

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Welcome Campers!

We're jazzed you've joined us at Camp Wonderopolis®, NCFL’s free online summer-learning destination! There's lots to keep you humming along through Camp, and along the way you’ll earn Wonder Cards®, try out fun Maker projects, and find answers to questions you've always WONDERed about! The Camp dashboard will track the Wonders you’ve explored and guide you towards more fun and learning. Share your experiences and see what others are doing on the Wonder Wall. Have fun exploring all the areas of Camp Wonderopolis and get ready to explore a Symphony of Wonders!

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In the Studio

Before you hear a song on the radio, it has been through a lot of fine tuning. Go In the Studio to explore how the Wonders of technology are used to produce and record music.

Amped Up

Music is an art, right? Well you might change your tune after exploring the science and math behind music with these Wonders.

Feel the Beat

Your heartbeat, that is! Take a peek at these Wonders to explore connections between music and health.


Woodwinds, percussion, and strings, oh my! Tune up your curiosity with these Wonders about musical instruments.


Would you rather be an onstage star or a backstage marvel? These Wonders will help you discover different careers in music.

Greatest Hits

Music can take you places! Let these Wonders carry you across the globe or take you back in time.