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Have you ever noticed how some songs make you tap your toes? Have you ever found yourself humming a song again and again? Music seems to travel beyond your ears and gets into your mind and body. Which might leave you Wondering about the role that music can play in keeping YOU happy and healthy.

Can music help you think? Does music keep your health in tune? What music is in your DNA? Get ready to Feel the Beat with these Wonders about music and health.

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Soothing Rainstick
Sometimes the simple sound of falling rain can be peaceful and relaxing. Create your own soothing rainstick in this project to help give your body a quick tune-up during the day!


  • Paper towel tube
  • Paper or tin foil
  • Rice
  • Duct tape


Cover one end of the paper towel roll with tape. You might want to put some paper over the tape that covers the hole of the tube so that your items inside don't stick to it. Crumple up pieces of tin foil or paper and put them in the tube.


Now add rice to your tube. Cover the other end of the tube with tape and remember to cover any sticky parts to avoid having your rice get stuck. Flip your tube upside down and listen as the rice trickles down through the tube, creating the sound of rain!



How much paper versus how much rice did you add? Does adding more or less change the sound?

Why does that happen?

As the rice travels through the tube, it clatters off the sides of the tube and the paper or tinfoil. The tinfoil helps slow the path of the rice down to create many more sounds. Because there are so many small grains of rice all moving at the same time, they make a noise that resembles falling rain.

Still Wondering?

What other materials could you fill your rain stick with? How does that change the sound? Try finding a longer tube to use to make your rain stick play soothing sounds longer!


Preschool - Age 8

Ages 9 - 13

Ages 18 and up

These reading lists were provided by Lincoln Heritage Public Library in Dale, Indiana.